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Kinkz Hair Products

Kinkz Black Satin Bonnet

Kinkz Black Satin Bonnet

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Experience the ultimate protection and style with the Black Kinkz Double Layered Bonnet. Designed specifically for curly and kinky hair, this bonnet features a double-layered design that reduces friction, breakage, and frizz, ensuring your precious curls are well-preserved. With its generous size and secure fit, it accommodates various hairstyles while keeping your hair in place and allowing it to breathe. The sleek black exterior adds a touch of elegance to your bedtime routine, while the soft and breathable fabric ensures comfort throughout the night. Invest in the Black Kinkz Double Layered Bonnet for the ultimate care and style for your curls, and wake up to beautifully protected and well-maintained hair every morning.

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