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Kinkz Hair Products

*NEW* Kinkz Bonnet

*NEW* Kinkz Bonnet

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Protect your beautiful tresses while you sleep!

Our Queen Bonnet stays in place even if you toss and turn, and it’s satin finish gently glides across your pillow to keep your hair covered and protected all night long.

Custom satin bonnet with double layer for maximum protection

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Customer Reviews

Based on 84 reviews
Crystal Catalfu
It works wonderfully!

After some weight loss, I found my hair was falling out by the handful. I purchased a bonnet and satin pillow case to see if it would make any difference. It WORKS! My hair is on the mend and I can see a tremendous difference in the thickness and barely lose any now. I’m so happy I found your product.

Dale Fisher
Finally a High Quality Product!

My wife is super happy with her new bonnet. She said she has finally found a bonnet that she will be able to have for years to come. Excellent quality, crafting and workmanship. It couldn't possibly get any better than bonnet's from Kinkz.

Linda Barr

These bonnets are beautiful! I’m very happy with them. Definitely would order from this company again.

Karen Dunn
Love this bonnet!

I had a bonnet I got from Amazon for a year before I bought the Kinz bonnet. The Amazon bonnet pulled my hair out of a few specific places and I could never get my hair to regrow in those spots. 45 days after using the Kinz bonnet every night, I already have 2 inches of hair growth in those spots. This is the best bonnet ever!!

Margot Hoyt
Such a pretty bonnet!

The bonnet is so comfortable, well made, and pretty. It fits well over my head and stays put all night.