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Kinkz Hair Products is a passion project dedicated to assisting women on their journey to embracing their natural hair while also regaining their confidence. I began this brand during my own transition. My intentions were to bring my hair to a healthier state when going natural, however once I made the transition I struggled with feeling beautiful due to society's outlook on what beautiful hair is (hence our slogan "Hey Beautiful!) So I began to research different tools to help with styling, and when I couldn't find what I was looking for I created it. I needed a tool that would help me maintain my healthy hair, while also accommodating my busy work/home life. I was tired of my hair being pulled out by home made tools like cut scrunchies and shoe strings.

So I created the Kinkz Hair Ties, and the brand was born. These hair ties solved all of my problems, and I honestly to this day refuse to leave the house without them. My curls never looked better, I received tons of compliments, and my friends and family loved it. The brand quickly began to ship throughout the U.S. and internationally, although we still have yet to reach our full potential. We lack brand awareness. We slowly began to add styling products such as our mist spray bottle, satin bonnet, detangling and defining brushes, etc. Our goal is to build a brand that would support women with curly kinky hair who lack the tools, guidance, and encouragement to embrace their natural hair. We envision Kinkz to house every tool for every stage of transition. A brand built to be there through your entire journey

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