How to Properly Detangle 4C Hair Without Breaking it

As a type 4 naturalista, I’m no stranger to the struggle of detangling thick, dry, matted natural hair.

For a long time, I struggled with my 4C hair and dreaded washing and styling my hair. I hated dealing with single strand knots and matting, and I definitely hated constantly worrying about breaking or damaging my hair.

Once I started using the tips I’m sharing below, I was able to put my fears to rest and make detangling my hair totally stress and pain free.

Read on for my tips on properly detangling 4C hair without breaking it!

Tip #1: Keep hair moisturized

Moisture improves your hair’s elasticity and makes it easier to detangle. Detangling your hair while it’s completely dry can lead to more breakage, so it’s absolutely essential to make sure your hair is moisturized before you start detangling.

I recommend using a spray bottle to dampen your hair with warm water. This will give your hair some slip and will make it easier for your fingers or comb to work through your hair.

While moisture is key to detangling, make sure you don’t go overboard. Detangling your hair while it’s dripping wet makes your hair more susceptible to breakage, just like detangling bone dry hair does.

Tip #2: Detangle in small sections

Working in sections makes the detangling process more manageable and less stressful.

Separate your hair into sections before you start detangling, and make sure you detangle each section thoroughly before moving onto the next one.

Although sectioning off your hair may seem super time-consuming, it actually helps the process go by faster! By working in sections, you’ll be able to avoid having to go back and detangle knots you missed, which helps prevent your beautiful 4C hair from suffering future breakage.


Tip #3: Start with your hands

Before reaching for your trusty wide-tooth comb, use your fingers to work through as many knots and tangles as possible.

You’ll instinctively be more gentle with your hair while using your hands, which will help you properly detangle your 4C hair while avoiding excessive hair loss.

Use your fingers to remove individual strands from knots and gently tease the knot open until your strands are detangled from each other.

Subhead: Wrapping Up

As a naturalista, it’s important to know how to properly detangle your hair. Knowing how to detangle your hair without breaking it makes it easier for you to grow your hair longer, stronger, and healthier.

I hope these tips help you as much as they’ve helped me. Share these tips with a fellow 4C natural lady if you found them helpful!


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